We hope that others will join our community but expect all members to agree to the rules below...
We will do:
· Only use our FIRST name when writing and displaying our work.
· Only use SENSIBLE and KIND words
· Not write any of our DETAILS - this includes phone number, address and personal email address
· Be careful when putting PHOTOS on (we have permission slips signed by parents) - if you are at home, check with your parents before posting any photos on your Wiki
· Ask PERMISSION when putting on other people's photos - tell them what you are going to do with the photos
· Only display nice photos of other people (we don't want people to be embarrassed)
· Try our hardest to get our SPELLING right
. Be RESPONSIBLE when displaying our learning and giving feedback on our wiki
· Don't talk about or post things that are irrelevant (not on the topic)
· No text language - no slang or inappropriate language
· Make links to relevant media only
· Don't make any changes to a person's Wiki writing unless it is to improve it - check first
· No gossip, bullying or pointless comments
Most importantly – have fun learning!!!!!!