Reading For Year 3
The emphasis for the years reading at this level is to improve fluency, concentration and comprehension. Therefore the major emphasis will be on reading longer books.

Home reading this year may be a set book or story, or their library book could be used for this. Library day is Tuesday. Your child is expected to read for about 20 minutes each night and this may take place in bed. You don't need to listen to them read for 20mins.

Try questions about

·the character’s actions or thoughts

·how your child might react in a similar situation

·details of the setting and how these help the reader to connect with the story

·choices the author has made about their writing

would be good discussion starters. Asking your child to compare their current book with other books is also a great way to encourage their comprehension and their reading.

Our novel at the moment is

Ramona the Pest

by Beverly Cleary

Pippi Longstocking

by Astrid Lingstrom.

Our focus for reading:

Activating Prior Knowledge -

for this we use a before and after web

Visualising -

making a movie in our heads. If we can't make a picture then we need to reread to make sure we understand what the author has written.