Here is an outline of the daily classroom programme for a week. Click the link below to see it.

timetable copy.jpg
A sheet will be sent home on Mondays (to be returned Friday) and will focus on basic facts, spelling, and reading. Your help may be needed to complete these tasks.
Your child’s spelling list comprises 10 words made up from:
  • incorrectly spelt words in their first test from the spelling programme each week
  • words your child has misspelled in their written work, and
  • words related to a current topic in class work, or from the current class novel.
These should be tested every night from Monday to Thursday ready for the retest in class on Friday.

Home reading this year may be a set book or story, or their library book could be used for this. Library day is Friday. Your child is expected to read for about 20 minutes each night and this may take place in bed.

Questions about

  • the character’s actions or thoughts
  • how your child might react in a similar situation
  • details of the setting and how these help the reader to connect with the story
  • choices the author has made about their writing

would be good discussion starters. Asking your child to compare their current book with other books is also a great way to encourage their comprehension and their reading.

Library day is Friday. Please remind your child to bring back their books.