This page is a collection of photos taken at various times showing us doing various things.

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On Monday the children in Room 4 were feeling excited because we were going to the Inlet. We had to say good bye to Mr Taylor. We had to get our bags checked by a parent. We had to have a drink bottle, lunch, sunhats and gumboots. We put on sunscreen too.
It was fun walking down Belford Street.

When we got to the bottom of the hill we stopped to look at Bird Roost Island. This is a place where birds can get some peace and quiet without humans. It is hard to get to the Island because of the mud and the rocks. Also cats and dogs can’t get to the Island. We saw different birds; black-backed gulls, red-billed gulls, ducks, and pied stilts. We thought we saw mud but it was poo. It was on the poles on Bird Roost Island.
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We saw water going under the bridge. It was going into the Harbour. The water was deep. There was seaweed in it. We saw road cones in the water. Maybe they were blown in by the wind. It was exciting to see everything but some of us were scared we were going to fall in.
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We stopped for lunch at Bayfield Park. We had to wash our hands because we had been touching feathers. The feathers were scattered over the grass. Now there was time to go to the toilet. A seagull was spying on us while we ate lunch. It was on the roof.

We found two big crabs which were hiding under the rocks. Alex saw a crab nipping Mrs Masters’ fingers when she picked one up. We saw lots of shells with nothing in them. We saw a fish that looked dead but it was a little bit alive. There were chiton stuck on the rocks and tube worms were near them. There were also lots of cat’s eyes and water snails.
When we were walking back up Dunrobin Street it took a long time. We were tired and exhausted. We were hot. An adult pulled some of us up but we had to carry our own pack. We guessed how many steps were between the lamp-posts and then had to count them. Then we sang the Alphabet backwards. We had to look for flowers too. At the top of the hill we said thank-you to the adults.

It was an awesome adventure.

We have been doing some folk-dancing. Here are some videos of how we have we been doing.